In 1977 Mary Karafortis initiated contact with resident Orthodox Christians using a recurring directory of local residents that contained brief introductory biographies of those newly arrived at Lake Havasu City. As a result of this effort, a small group of Orthodox met at the restaurant of M/M Ted and Elena Kopanos. This small group continued to meet for the next two years.

The group continued to meet for religious and social events, and decided to take the organization one step further by calling itself "The American Eastern Orthodox Society." The Society was then able to open a checking account and, in 1980, to obtain non-profit status from the IRS. The determination to establish and build an Orthodox Church in Lake Havasu City spurred the Society to begin fund raising activities, the first being a dinner dance.

In 1981, through contacts of Margie Cox, a new arrival to Lake Havasu City of Russian descent, dialogues began with the Diocese of the West of the Orthodox Church of America. The fruit of these talks was the admission of the society into the Diocese of the West as the Lake Havasu City Orthodox Mission. The late Fr Steven Kachur, a retired priest residing in Tucson, AZ, was the first OCA priest to serve the Mission, from 1981-1982. In 1982 the mission was placed under the heavenly patronage of the holy Martyr Peter the Aleut.

In 1990 the church purchased three lots on Sandwood Dr in Lake Havasu City. Bishop Tikhon blessed the three lots and in 1993 the parishioners started construction on the present building. The building was completed and occupied in early 2000 and the Bright Saturday Liturgy was served in the new building. During the periods of formation and building, the mission met at the funeral chapel, then at various member's homes, two different doctor's offices and finally at the local Episcopal Church.

Services were supplied periodically in the early days, and then more regularly on, by Rev. Steven Kachur, Rev. Joseph Fester, Rev. Alexander Federoff, Rev. Jose Valancia, Rev.Luke (Hill), Rev. Matthew Bernardi, Rev. Nikolai (Soraich), Dn. John Kedrov, Rev.Timothy Lowe, Rev. James Bertolini, Rev.Thomas Moffett, Rev. Michael Spainhoward, Rev. Lawrence Gaudreau, Rev. Paul Shellback, Archemandrite Benjamin Peterson, and Rev. Damian Kuolt.

In July 2006, Rev. Peter Henry was assigned as the first full time rector of St. Peter the Aleut Mission. Unfortunately, in October of 2013, St. Peter the Aleut Mission under the Diocese of the West (OCA) closed its doors. The old Church building is now being used by other Christian groups.